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Eshed Margalit, PhD

Computational Neuroscience and AI Researcher

I research brain-like artificial neural networks for vision, create online tools for scientists, and share educational resources for programming and statistics.


I'm a computational neuroscientist working at the intersection of deep learning, primate visual neuroscience, human fMRI, and cognitive neuroscience. My thesis advisors were Profs. Dan Yamins and Kalanit Grill-Spector at Stanford University. My thesis focused on building deep neural network models that better match the function, structure, and development of visual cortex.

Rainbow color blobs

Topographic Deep Neural Networks

Learning topographic maps in deep convolutional neural networks

Data shown on the ventral surface of a human brain

Submillimeter Imaging of Human Visual Cortex

Ultra-high-resolution fMRI of human visual cortex

A colorful image synthesized to maximally excite part of an artifical neural network

CNNs for Face Classification

Understanding face recognition in deep neural networks

3D representation of a brain with red splotches indicating activity

Object Familiarity in LOC

How are objects and scenes encoded in the lateral occipital complex?

line drawing of a series of interconnected rectangles

Object Recognition in Modified Line Drawings

Psychophysical analysis of object recognition under distinct kinds of noise

Web Portfolio

I create online tools that make information easier to find, store, access, and share.

A paper airplane, the Paper a Week logo

Paper a Week

All-in-one solution for taking notes on papers

A 3D modeled face with overlaid Gabor kernels

Interactive Gabor Filterbank Demo

Introduction to the Gabor-jet Model

Logo for the Stanford VPNL

VPNL Lab Website

Lab website for Stanford Vision and Perception Neuroscience Lab

Logo for the Stanford MBCT

Stanford CNJC Website

Homepage for the Stanford Computational Neuroscience Journal Club

Educational Resources

These are some publicly available resources I’ve developed in various teaching roles. Please feel free to use and share them!

Stylized letter d with an apostrophe

d' Calculator

Signal detection theory intro and interactive calculator

Python logo

CNJCx: Practical Python

Homepage for CNJCx mini-course teaching command line and python basics

photograph of somebody writing in a notebook

Demystifying Grad School Q&A

Questions and candid answers about applying to PhD programs